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Company Profile

VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ is a private organization which was established in 2006 to develop and produce specialty bio culture for treating Effluent water discharged by industries. Following the rise on environmental awareness by the society and stringent legislation of the statutory bodies, VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ expanded its environmental activities and dedicated its business towards fruitful contribution for clean and green environment.

VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ now designs biotechnological solutions and manufactures equipments, products that provide safe and environmentally friendly practices to medium and large industries, commercial complexes, hospitals and Residential Flats etc.

The company has more than 12 years of experience in the Biotechnological treatment of liquid and solid wastes.


Our projects for repurposing and recycling of waste minimizes waste going to landfill and also carbon footprint in the sphere of Effluent, Waste Water treatment, Sewage Water treatment, Reverse osmosis, Biogas and Organic Solid waste Management. We provide cost effective and competitive prices for customer - specific requirement.


We are in the business since 2006. Over the past 12 years, on continuous research, development and methodology we have developed bio-cultures for waste water treatment and solid waste treatment.. Tailor made solutions for converting wastes to Biogas and reusable manure for fertilizer.

Our sales and engineering team works closely with all departments throughout the business, providing comprehensive levels of customer service, commercial, technical and administrative support.


We provide a variety of innovative feature and services to our customer, including effective maintenance service, monitoring of equipment, consultations on technical improvement and much more...

Quality Policy

We are committed to be recognized as leader in the field of waste water treatment and solid waste management with quality products and services that meets customer satisfaction every time. We are committed to add value to our products through R&D, quality control, best workmanship and right application techniques with timely delivery to the precise needs of the customers.


Our Vision

Become a global player in environmental bio-technology business, supplying quality products through constant up gradation of technology and continual research and development in association with customers in their endeavor for environmental protection.


Our Mission

Dedicate us towards Fruitful Contribution for Clean & Green Environment