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What is Biochest?

Biochest is an Organic Waste Composter that is capable of converting all kinds of biodegradable waste into nutritious compost. The machine uses forced aeration and mechanical agitation to stimulate optimal conditions necessary for an accelerated natural composting process.

BIOCHEST is a combination of a device and a process, targeting the quickest transformation of biological waste into high quality compost at the lowest possible cost and management effort.

With BIOCHEST you are ahead of the rest ready to meet any stringent environmental standards that may hinder operations from using traditional disposal methods. Now, you will be able to transform your biological and organic wastes into a value added product for your operations and, in turn, recover some or all of its capital investment.

This invessel composting machine provides you with an alternative, environmentally friendly solutions to dealing with organic wastes. The machine is an ideal food waste composting machine, able to address the composting needs of organizations both big and small.

Why is it different?

Biochest is an in-vessel composter working on an aerobic composting principle. Unlike other composters, Biochest is uniquely designed (and equipped) to remove any kind of malodorous stench from waste elements, thereby preventing any pests or insects from congregating around the machine.

From the moment the organic waste is added into the composter, the machine works on a continuous process. It is designed with a main reactor and a curing compartment. This innovative design makes it easier to load the waste on a daily basis and take out the compost every day. Biochest provides ample quantities of rich and natural environmentally friendly organic compost/fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used in both farms and gardens.


Coffee / tea Grounds

Meat, Chicken Fish

Vegetable / fruit Waste

Waste Flowers


Tree Leaves

Food Waste

Wood Shaving or Sawdust

Compostable Bags


  • BIochest can produce high quality compost without a heater

  • Fully automatic and technically advanced from other models

  • Internal system works around the natural aerobic composting process in nature

  • Microbes present inside the machine will produce heat naturally

  • Machine comes with a shredder to shred vegetables, garden refuse, leaves, fruits, meats, etc.

Industries we serve

Manufacturing Industries


Educational Institutes



Convention Centres


Wedding Halls

Residential Apartments




  • OWC-AMS: powder coated mild steel canopy, epoxy coated mild steel vessel with stainless steel shaft

  • OWC-AMS-SS: powder coated mild steel canopy with stainless steel vessel and shaft

  • OWC-ASS: stainless steel canopy, vessel and shaft

  • Waste handling capacity- 25 Kgs per day – 2000 Kgs per day


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Video Gallery

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What is the purpose of Biochest

Bio chest converts all your biodegradable waste into the compost without heating

What type of food waste can be feed into Biochest

Both Dry waste and wet waste can be feed into the Biochest

What are the benefits of Biochest

Biochest is cost effective, odor free and produces high quality compost

Are there any variants available

Yes, there are 3 different types like Mild steel Epoxy coated, Fully Stainless Steel and Stainless steel cum mild steel, Epoxy coated

What is the per day waste handling capacity

25kg/day up to 2000kg/day

Where can Biochest be used

Biochest can be used in manufacturing industries, hotels, education institutes, corporates, retails, municipality, wedding halls, residential apartments, malls, hospitals

Will We get, in one day, the compost

The first batch of compost would be ready within 15-20 days of loading the waste. Thereafter, you can take the compost every day. However, no restrictions in loading the waste and you can keep on loading the waste every day.

What would be the operational cost, in terms of culture requirement for composting process

It is advisable to load wet and dry waste at 80:20 combination in order to achieve good compost for which only meagre quantity of culture is required [max. 0.5% of total load of waste] – in terms of costing it will be of few hundreds per month.

What would be the operational cost, in terms of electricity consumpution for compost processing

It is fully automatic machine fitted with electrical motors for operation of gear box, blowers, shredder and the machine should be kept in “auto” mode all the time. approx. 15 units per day for 25 kg / day machine and it will vary depending the size of the machine.

is there any need to have manpower exclusively for operating the Biochest

Biochest is fully automatic and electrically operating machine. no need to have exclusive manpower for operation; manpower is required only at the time of segregation of waste, shredding the waste and feeding the same in the machine. rest all automatic and no exclusive manpower is needed and system run on its own.

What is the quantity of compost we get after composting, and can the compost be used for garden immediately after taken from the composter

After the composting process, it is expected, we get compost, only up to a maximum of 30% of loaded waste. the compost can be used for gardening when take out from the composter. however, it is advised that the compost will have bit of moisture and hence the same to be kept for 2-3 days for drying before being used for gardening, to achieve better results.


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