Ingenious, Simple & Effective Home Composter

Works without Electricity

Biochest Elegant is the home composter that is a great addition to any household. The composter can transform nearly all kinds of organic and biodegradable waste into nutritious compost/fertilizer with little to no maintenance required. The compost produced by Elegant is ideal for potted plants or a garden. It can also be customized based on the number of family members, ensuring that it can be used in any kitchen big or small.

Elegant is a kitchen waste composter machine that works without a heat element, instead using aerobic bio composting to convert the trash into compost. The home composter produces compost that has no smell, preventing any insects or pests from gathering.


  • Converts waste into useful organic manure for the garden

  • Zero maintenance

  • Odorless compost

  • No insects or pest problems

  • No electricity required to operate

  • Eco-friendly

Who can use Elegant




Gated communities


Mess halls

Available models

  • Up to 1-2 liters per day (suitable for a family of 4-5)

    (Approx. quantity of compost realization is 30 Kg/ month, subject to loading)

  • Up to 3-6 liters per day (suitable for a family of 10, nuclear family, hostels, mess)

    (Approx. quantity of compost realization is 60 Kg/ month, subject to loading)

  • Up to 6-10 liters (suitable for multiple residences, hostels, mess)

Accessories (free of cost)

Pair of rubber gloves, mask, mug, scoop, compost maker required for operation of one month.


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Compost machine is made up of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), which has benefits like long life for the machine, all weather proof
A) Waste like Coffee/tea grounds, Meat, Chicken, fish, vegetable/fruit waste, Waste flowers, Papers/Cardboard, Tree leaves, Saw dust, compostable bags
This is manual machine, which consumes zero electricity
You will get your compost ready by 30th day
The Compost Maker contains tailor made aerobic organic waste composting micro-organism
Due to FRP Material, you can either keep the machine outside (in sunlight) or inside the house (as its odorless)
Food waste can be fed into the top two chambers
At the bottom of the vessel you can collect the output using the provided accessories
Accessories like a pair of Rubber glove, Mask, scoop, A Mug (1 Liter Capacity) for loading the waste, Compost Maker as required for one-month operation; and Product Operations Manual are provided at free of cost
The compost maker being added [@ 200 ml for every one ltr of waste); contain bacterial culture, which ensures the composting process; no need to mix the waste every day; the compost maker absorbs the excess moisture and also controls the odour in the environment. Absolutely no electricity is needed for this composter.
After the composting process, it is expected, we get compost, only up to a maximum of 30% of loaded waste. the compost can be used for gardening when take out from the composter. however, it is advised that the compost will have bit of moisture and hence the same to be kept for 2-3 days for drying before being used for gardening, to achieve better results.
We recommend to add compost maker for processing, which costs approx. 4-5 hundreds per month. this can be reduced over a period of time say 3-4 months time. the compost taken out can be used as compost maker (or) can be added with the compost maker and use, which reduces the consumption of compost maker.



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