VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ specializes in the development of biotechnological products and biomass engineering for industrial wastewater treatment and sewage treatment.

Biomass engineering is a science of solving wastewater treatment problems through the usage of biological systems and engineering techniques. For the past 16 years, we have gained wide exposure in the research and development of biotechnology based treatment methods.

We have worked with numerous biological products and developed bacterial cultures for bio-augmentation of wastewater treatment plants.

We specialize in providing biotechnological methods for effluent treatment, soil remediation and composting of solid wastes. VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ has developed and marketed ‘Microbion’, a range of microbial cultures for the biological degradation of industrial effluents through bio-augmentation and bio-mass engineering.

Microbion is a range of bacterial strains that are adapted and immobilized in cereal/mineral based carriers. These strains can then be used in industrial solid waste management and effluent management, for effective biological degradation of organic matters. The Microbion range of products are available in aerobic and anaerobic grade bacterial strains and can be specifically adapted for special applications.

Applications of microbial cultures

  • Waste water treatment bio-cultures

  • Sewage water treatment bio-cultures

  • Organic waste composting bio-cultures

  • Anaerobic treatment plant bio-cultures

  • Biogas plants bio-cultures

Main features

  • 100% de-colorization

  • COD < 250 ppm

  • No chemical sludge

  • 30-40% reduction in biological sludge

  • Cost saving sludge handling

  • No CAPEX investment for existing units

Microbial cultures are useful in

  • Textile dyeing effluent- for color and COD reduction

  • Pulp & paper effluent- for lignin, color and COD reduction

  • Petrochemical industry- for COD and organic compounds reduction

  • Pharma industries- for COD and color, organic compounds reduction

  • Sugar industries- for COD reduction

  • Breweries - COD and color reduction

  • Distilleries - CPU - Waste water treatment

  • Sewage treatment- COD, BOD and odor reduction