Environment day is a once in a year chance for us to think about our environment and the impact we have on it. Take Chennai for example: according to the solid waste management of the Chennai Corporation, the city generates a whopping 5,400 megatons of waste per day, with residences accounting for 68% of that waste.

A single house in Chennai with the average 4-member family generates at least 1 kg of bio-degradable waste per day. In a month, that number rises to 30 kgs and in a year it goes to 360 kgs. This waste split between Chennai’s two dumping yards, Perungudi and Kodungaiyur. With the amount of trash being piled into these yards per day, it won’t be long before trash heaps are as tall as five storey buildings. Many officials are also concerned that as more waste is being dumped into these landfills, it increases the chances of groundwater contamination.

Considering the amount of daily wastage, a single house produces, it becomes all the more important to start composting. The process of composting can be made easier with the help of Biochest’s composting system. This can go a long way to not only process the waste produced by each house, it will also decrease the amount of garbage generated every day.

Let’s look at the amount of bio-degradable waste produced by a typical apartment complex consisting of 500 houses. Per day, on an average the apartment complex generates 500 kgs of waste. With the help of Biochest, that waste can be turned into valuable compost. This compost can then be used for terrace gardens and landscape, thus making the surrounding area green and fresh.

By composting the waste on daily basis, the apartment complex can generate a total of 54000 kgs of compost per annum. To put that into perspective, if that compost was used in rice fields, it would create 54000 kgs of rice.

This amount of compost can provide valuable food for 54000 mango trees or could produce a whopping 27,00,000 kgs of sugarcane.

This is why it becomes all the more important to start composting bio-degradable waste. Composting is one hobby that has all the benefits and none of the drawbacks. So this environment day, let’s all take a step forward to making the Earth a better place.

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