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Waste and water treatment plants Chemicals

VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ P LTD Supplies specialty chemicals used in

  • Waste and water treatment plants Chemicals
  • RO membrane treatment Chemicals
  • Complete range of Cooling Water Chemicals
  • Boiler water Chemicals
  • De - scaling Chemicals.
  • Biocides
  • Coagulants like poly aluminum chloride
  • Bio gas plant Chemicals
  • Chemicals used in Swimming pool
  • Solid waste chemicals and all other chemicals
  • Bio cultures

DEODISIN range of oxidative deodorizer is used for odor control in effluent and solid wastes.

DEODISIN-100 a strong oxidative deodorizer to arrest foul smell emanating from effluent, sludge etc; It can be effectively used by mixing with effluent and sprayed on to sludge bed to mask odour in the atmosphere surrounding ETP and also the far off places.

  • FLOCCOL range of anionic, cationic and nonionic and polyelectrolyte are for effluent treatment, sludge thickening, dewatering etc.
  • FLOCCOL range of polyelectrolyte for water clarification in raw water and drinking water.
  • Water treatment applications in drinking water,
  • Process water in food & beverages,
  • Pharmaceutical industries,
  • Distilleries & Breweries,
  • Hotels and hospitals etc
  • Swimming pools and floriculture.
  • Deodorant & disinfectants for air condition, air humidification systems.