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We all are well aware of what biogas is and how it is produced. Apart from a mere tag as a renewable source of energy, here are some other humongous benefits of using biogas!

The perfect substitute for cooking and electricity

Many households in India rear cattle. Especially in rural areas of the country, these cattle are the providers of numerous raw materials. In such a way, the dung obtained along with other domestic wastes from the house and farm makes a great source for biogas. This in turn, provides us with broad range of access to gas for cooking and electricity where the access to these two is limited.

Paves way for circular economy

This concept can be perfectly summed up as “from the house, for the house”! Yes, since the raw materials for the biogas are just from the backyard of a particular household, the gas generated makes an efficient end product for the domestic purposes like cooking and heating! This results in zero investment with great benefits for your home. To make the process easier and economically viable, the VNS enviro’s “Bioigniter” plays an efficient role.

Usage of waste in a productive way

Instead of dumping the domestic wastes and depleting this alternative resource, the generation of biogas from them gives a golden opportunity for us to dispose the wastes wisely. This method not only provides us with the fuel, but also helps in the reduction of foul odour emission and avoids the mere cause of any environmental hazards when dumped.

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