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Biogas - Turn trash into treasure

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VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ PVT LIMITED has created Bioigniter, a biogas plant which is high on efficiency and low on maintenance. Bioigniter provides environmentally friendly solutions for all forms of organic waste. We design and build biogas plants, which adhere to a cost effective design process, all the while ensuring the plant operates in a fast and stable manner.

This effectively ensures the plant is able to deliver a sizeable amount of biogas for the customer. Our primary focus is to create highly productive biogas plants, which require little maintenance or operation from the customer.

Bioigniter produces biogas, which makes it a very valuable fuel source in rural areas, where manure or cow dung is used as a fuel. The machine can not only provide biogas from cow dung but also produce biogas from other food wastes.

What is biogas?

Biogas is an alternative source of energy. It has been identified as a useful hydrocarbon with combustible qualities, similar to that of other hydrocarbons.

Our Solutions

We offer turnkey services, technological solutions that cater to the needs of the industry and commercial centers. Biogas also has the potential to be used in internal combustion engines meant to generate power among other things. Bioigniter can be used for both INDUSTRIAL and DOMESTIC biogas plants.

Biogas Accessories

We offer accessories for Biogas plants viz. Food waste crusher, Moisture separator, flame arrestor, biogas flow meter, booster pump and Balloon.

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Process involved

Process involved

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Commissioning

  • Stabilization

  • Operation and Maintenance

Benefits of using Biogas

  • Durable & compact design

  • Moderate amount of space required for installation

  • Portable

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Cost effective

  • Quick installation

  • Maintenance free

Suitable for

  • Hostels

  • Hotels

  • Dairy farms

  • Housing colonies

  • Factory canteens & ETP/STP units

  • Fish and vegetable units

  • Food processing units

Suitable for



Dairy Farms

Housing Colonies

Factory Canteens & ETP/STP units

Fish and Vegetable units

Food processing units


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What is Biogas and what type of waste is required to setup biogas plant
Biogas is a clean fuel produced through anaerobic digestion of several organic wastes like agricultural, animal, domestic and industrial. Made from organic waste matter after it is decomposed, biogas is tremendously used as fuel. A relatively clean burning, colourless, and odourless gas, biogas is composed of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), and some traces of nitrogen, ammonia (NH3), sulphur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and hydrogen, depending on the feedstock used. Biogas is a clean and efficient fuel which can easily replace LPG. The application varies from cooking, lighting, power generation. Apart from fuel gas, we can get good quality of manure from the wastes, and this is an added benefit of biogas production.
Biogas can be obtained from any kind of fermentable wastes such as animal waste, Vegetable waste, Kitchen waste, Food waste, Fruit waste or any kind of wet organic waste.
What types of biogas plant do you have

We have two types of biogas plant, based on input type, Food waste and cowdung waste

In Food waste type, what are the available capacity

5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 30KG, 40KG, 50KG, 75KG, 100KG, 150 KG, 200KG

In cow dung type, what are the available capacity

25KG, 30KG, 40KG, 50KG, 75KG, 100KG, 150 KG, 200KG

To crush the food waste, do you have crusher in-built in biogas plant

No, there is no crusher in-built in the biogas plant, but we have crusher separately and it will cost you additionally

How much of gas (equivalent to LPG) per day, you will get for 1m3 biogas plant setup

0.45KG per day

How much of gas (equivalent to LPG) per month, you will get for 1m3 biogas plant setup

13.5KG per month (equivalent to LPG)

What type of material does the biogas plant made

Our Plant is made up of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Seal Model

How much quantity of water to be feed into the plant

For example, if you feed 10KG of food waste, you need to add 10litres of water But for every 25KG of cow dung, you need to add 25litres of water

Do we need to add cowdung for first gas generation

Whatever be the waste (either Food waste or Cow dung), before generating gas for first time, you need to add cow dung

What are the accessories we get once we purchase the product

You get single stove Biogas burner(1No) and Nylon threaded gas hose pipeline connection & Ball valve connection (Up to 5 meters maximum)

Does the price inclusive of installation and commissioning


Who will train the user on product operation

During Installation, our engineer would train the end user for a period of 2-3 days to make the operation familiar for the end user

After Successful payment, how soon will the product be delivered

It takes 1-2 weeks for small plants (25-100 Kg) And 4-6 weeks for bigger plants (Above 150 Kg)

How long is the offer valid

Offer is valid for 30 days from date of the offer.

is there any guarantee for the product

We provide a guarantee for period of 12 months from date of supply.

How far setting up biogas at home would be useful

Setting up Biogas plant with a minimum quantity of 10 Kgs of Organic Waste per day [such as Kitchen, Food, Vegetable] generate at home would yield 1.0M3 of gas formation every day. With this quantum of gas, the stove will run for 45 minutes to one hour every day. In other words, the total output of Biogas per month shall be equivalent to 13.5 Kgs of LPG (ie. 0.45kg/day) Similarly, with the quantity of 25 Kgs of Cow Dung per day, the Biogas generation per day would be 1.0 M3.

Basic need to have biogas setup

i) Space required to set up Biogas plant of minimal capacity (1.0 M3 / Day) 6 Feet (Length) X 6 Feet (Breadth) X 6 Feet (Height).
ii) Waste to be loaded per day for production of 1.0 M3 of Biogas Plant – 10 Kg of Kitchen/Food/Fruit Waste (or) 25 Kgs of Cow Dung.
iii) It is advisable to have stove connection from the Plant within a radius of 5 metres and at ground level, for achieving better result.