08Nov 2021

From sludge to a stabilized product: The process of composting organic materials

As we know, composters are basically large bins with pre-defined parameters. They help the process of composting to happen in a rapid pace. This is accomplished due to the salient features available in a composter. For instance, efficient composters like VNS Enviro’s “Bio chest” have shredders to tear down the waste feed and make them into smaller components. It also has filters and Aeration apparatus that drives the process and produces high quality compost.

01Nov 2021

Types of decomposing organic wastes in industries

As we know, the process of obtaining compost as the end product remains the same even though there are various ways of decomposing solid organic waste materials. And, to deal with bulk input at industrial level, you have to lookout for the most efficient ways of them all.

01Nov 2021

Abundant applications that are hidden in a bulk of industrial compost

The compost material procured from our domestic waste in kitchen and garden has the efficacy be an amazing product for our home applications. Similarly, what we dump in the perspective of large-scale, has a productivity factor of being taken up by the industrial composting machines from the municipality and gets converted into a high-quality compost.

29Oct 2021

The solid waste composting machines and its industrial purposes

In large-scale enterprises, it is obvious that the huge number of wastes are disposed without a process or a method. These sometimes are resulting in the accumulation of the load and polluting the environment.