24Nov 2021

How restaurants set an example in using biogas as an alternative fuel?

We all enjoy the day we hang out and relish the food outside! We are never tired from trying delicious items from our favourite restaurants and always have the habit of ordering more. But, do we realize how much food is being wasted? Yes, our country is one in the list that wastes food on a large scale!

08Nov 2021

The schematic procedure of process wastes and generating the biogas

The schematic process that takes place for producing biogas To give a gist for you in a single line, the biogas production is basically the breakdown of organic materials in the absence of oxygen. To accomplish this, organic materials are first given as input to the anaerobic digesters. Basically, anaerobic digestion is a series of process in which the microbes breakdown biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.

01Nov 2021

Various methodologies instilled in generating industrial biogas

Large scale biogas generators operate solely on anaerobic digestion of the waste materials that we provide as the input feed. With predefined and customized setup of diverse parameters to induce the digestion process, generating biogas takes place pretty rapidly

01Nov 2021

The wide range of large-scale applications using industrial biogas

the biogas generated in both small-scale and large-scale is a boon in every facet! It provides an ecological and economical sustainability with an additional factor of efficient productivity to the domestic and industrial garbage. To sum up, even the garbage will be of a great use, when you generate biogas! Now let us go through a few essential applications in detail in relevance to industrial biogas!

29Oct 2021

A quick look on industrial biogas systems

Now, with a vast range of applications, various industries install biogas systems in their plant! So, it is now time for us to take a little industrial visit via this and the coming articles. This will help us have a look on how these biogas plants are of a great help in industrial facet!