12Oct 2021

The role of biogas in sustaining Nation’s economy

Our nation’s primary source of economy and employment is agriculture sector. Not only it confines crop harvesting but includes all the factors that forms the agriculture network. Thus, instead of picking the farm waste and dumping them useless, we can generate bio gas from the bulk. This will be a gateway to the following point. It saves your wallet from pouring money in LPG. Also, just by using the domestic waste, generation of biogas is a zero-cost investment for our homes.

30Sep 2021

Biogas – The provider of abundant benefits

We all are well aware of what biogas is and how it is produced. Apart from a mere tag as a renewable source of energy, here are some other humongous benefits of using biogas!

23Sep 2021

The science behind the formation of biogas

The tale of "gobar gas" In India, every household is aware of the term “gobar gas”. The gas “Methane” is termed as the gobar gas. But do you know why the term specifically came? In our country, majority of the household rear cattle and especially cows.

23Sep 2021

Biogas- everything you need to know in and around!

Biogas is a renewable source of natural fuel, and a mixture of gases like methane and carbon di oxide. Basically, biogas is produced via anaerobic digestion (without oxygen) with the help of anaerobic organisms or methanogen that breaks down organic waste into gas, leaving the remaining sediments