VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ is a private organization established in 2006 with the aim to develop any produce specialized bio cultures for treating Effluent water discharged by industries. Following the rise in environmental awareness by the society along with stringent legislation put in place by statutory bodies, VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ expanded our environmental activities to a broader basis. Our business is dedicated towards creating a clean and green environment in the future.

VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ now creates biotechnological solutions and manufactures equipment and products that provide environmentally friendly solutions for medium and large industries, commercial complexes, hospitals, residential flats, etc.

Our company has over 15 years of experience in the field of biotechnological treatment of liquid and solid wastes.


To be a global player in the field of bio-technology business, supplying quality products through constant upgrading of technology and continuous research and development in association with customers in their endeavor for environmental protection.


Dedicated to contributing towards a Clean and Green Environment.

Environmental Initiatives

Our projects for repurposing and recycling of waste materials reduces the waste going into landfills. It also reduces the carbon footprint in the sphere of Effluent, Waste Water treatment, Sewage Water treatment, Biogas, Reverse Osmosis and Organic Solid waste Management. We provide cost effective and economic rates for our customers- specifically tailored to their requirements.

Innovation & development

VNS ENVIRO BIOTECHQ has a variety of innovative features and services available to the customer. This includes effective maintenance service, monitoring of equipment, consultation on technical improvement and much more…

Quality policy

We are committed to becoming a leader in the field of waste water treatment and solid waste management with quality products and services that meet the customer’s demands every time. Our organization is committed to adding value to our products via R&D, quality control, exemplary workmanship and appropriate application techniques with timely delivery all for the benefit of the customer.