Water Treatment - Effluent Water Treatment

ETP or Effluent Treatment Plant is a process designed for treating industrial waste water to be reused or safely disposed of into the environment.

Need for ETP

  • To clean industry effluent water and recycle it for further use

  • To reduce the usage of fresh water in industries

  • To cut expenditure on water procurement

  • To meet the standards for emission or discharge of environmental pollutants from various industries set forth by the Government and to avoid hefty penalties.

  • To safeguard the environment against pollution and contribute to sustainable development

Unique Selling Points

  • Custom designed treatment plants

  • Simulation studies conducted for design guidance

  • Design drawn from wide database of biological treatment studies

  • Preference for biological system & eliminating chemical treatment

  • Emphasis on reduction in sludge generation and better sludge handling systems

Used By

  • Petrochemical Industries

  • Automotive Industries

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Textile dyeing & Textile processing Industries

  • Dye Manufacturing Industries

  • Food & Beverage

  • Sugar Industries

  • Distilleries & Breweries Industries

  • Oil & Solvent extraction Industries

  • Pulp & Paper Industries

  • Tanneries and Other processes

We Do

  • Skid mounted packaged plants

  • Custom Designed Plants

  • Turnkey Projects, Etc.

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