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Till the previous article, we have been exploring what biogas generation is, in our homes! We got a brief idea on how to generate biogas at our own backyards, its applications and pros & cons.

Now, with a vast range of applications, various industries install biogas systems in their plant! So, it is now time for us to take a little industrial visit via this and the coming articles. This will help us have a look on how these biogas plants are of a great help in industrial facet!

The industrial biogas systems

Industries operate on a large scale and the wastes being disposed from the plants are in bulk amounts. It is always evident that these wastes discharge with pretty high level of hazardous components too.

And here comes the action of integrated biogas systems!  These biogas systems encompass centralised systems as large-scale digesters. As we know, these digesters process and generate biogas via anaerobic digestion. These are usually designed as mechanized continuous stirred tanks with sensors for monitor and control. Food and agricultural industries make the most use of biogas systems with an abundant amount of bio waste resources for the plant.

The march towards a sustainable future

Biogas comprises mainly of methane. Also, industries need abundant electricity to run smoothly on a broad range of potential. So, instead of just scraping the energy from hydra and nuclear resources, we can also rely on electricity generation from these biogas systems! With its large-scale capacity, it not only provides the plant with the energy source required but can also be stored and saved for future days!

This efficient action will be a key to the world of sustainability. With systems like VNS Enviro’s “Bio igniter” one can give an input to 100 kgs or more of waste materials and can enjoy the output in two ways! One as the gas and other as the slurry. Also, you can use the electricity generated for wider range of applications from purifiers to engines.

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