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As we know and from what we infer in the previous blogs, the biogas generated in both small-scale and large-scale is a boon in every facet! It provides an ecological and economical sustainability with an additional factor of efficient productivity to the domestic and industrial garbage. To sum up, even the garbage will be of a great use, when you generate biogas!

Now let us go through a few essential applications in detail in relevance to industrial biogas!

An abundant supply of gas to the commercial kitchens


As we journaled in our previous article, the capacity and the volume of biogas that we generate in industries will be a huge amount. Since the gas is of great use to cooking and heating, we can supply this humongous amount of gas to hotels and restaurants. This eco-friendly gas will be an amazing source to curate a large amount of food without the dependency on non-renewable fuel sources.

The electricity from the biogas generators

Now, let us skim through a little technical protocol. The biogas generated from the biogas plants or industrial generators, gets converted into electricity with the help of fuel cells. But keeping the cells’ cost in mind, here is another way. Following the method of combustion, we can operate electricity generators that convert the gas into mechanical energy first, and then into electricity. Normally, biogas generators like VNS enviro’s “Bio igniter” can produce electricity to a maximum volume of 6kWh/m3.

Bottling the biogas in CNG cylinders

For an efficient functionality and running of the vehicles that we own, many industrial plants in India have come together in initiating the “bottling” process of the biogas that is produced! Sounds great, right? Yes! With a rocket-scale increase in the rate of conventional petrol and diesel, we can switch to the stored and filled biogas by the industries following the bottling method. Through this, we will be using purified biogas that has the majority of methane content. This way, we can bottle the purified biogas in CNG cylinders that can hold upto the volume of 1000m3/day.

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