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From cow dung to biogas

We all know that biogas generation happens in the absence of oxygen with the help of micro-organisms. This process is an efficient one! In a biogas plant like VNS Enviro’s “bio igniter”, the food and other organic wastes get crushed into smaller pieces. As the next step, some amount of liquid is given into the plant that converts the organic waste into slurry. Then the process of generating biogas happens. Now, the microbes act on the organic components of feedstock or food and farm wastes. These organic components are generally proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. This digestion by the microbes provides us with the biogas as the final product.

The tale of gobar gas

In India, every household is aware of the term “gobar gas”. The gas “Methane” is termed as the gobar gas. But do you know why the term specifically came? In our country, majority of the household rear cattle and especially cows. The cow dung then makes the major part of the wastes that gets converted into the biogas. Since the cow dung in Hindi is known as gobar, the gas is gobar gas. The methane producing bacteria (methanogens) that act on the cow dung, breaks down the organic matter and majorly gives out methane as the biogas. This methane then makes an efficient fuel for cooking and heating. This kind of natural generation is an important part of biogeochemical carbon cycle.

The major constituents of biogas

The biogas obtained from the food and other domestic wastes majorly consists of the gas methane and carbon-di-oxide. Apart from these two, gases like nitrogen, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide are also present in the biogas.

The eco-friendly fuel for our homes

Since the biogas is produced from the organic waste in our houses, garden and farm; it paves way for an efficient disposal of these biodegradable wastes. Also, the generation of biogas helps is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and our dependency on fossil fuels too! Thus, it is considered as an environmentally friendly fuel!


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