Water Treatment - Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Water Treatment Plant or STP is a process of removing waste and contaminants from sewage water. These contaminants can come from residential buildings, industries, institutional establishments, waste from toilets, kitchens, sinks, etc. The sewage is treated by physical, chemical and biological methods in order to eliminate all forms of contamination and produce environmentally safe water.

Need for Sewage Water Treatment Plant

  • To reduce the usage of fresh water in industries, residential buildings and commercial establishments.

  • To cut down expenditure on water procurement

  • To meet the standards for emission or discharge of environmental pollutants from various industries set forth by the Government and to avoid hefty penalties.

  • To safeguard the environment against pollution and contribute to sustainable development

Unique Selling Points

  • Our plants are designed to treat sewage and sludge generated by industries and domestic establishments.

  • State-of-the-Art sewage treatment plants designed to deliver high quality water treatment solutions.

  • Salient features include right sizing, quality workmanship and easy to operate.

  • Technology used activated sludge process, fluidized aerobic bioreactor, moving bed bioreactor and membrane bio reactors

  • Preference for biological system & eliminating chemical treatment.

Served to

  • All types of Industries

  • IT / Software Parks

  • Commercial Establishment

  • Hotels and Marriage Halls

  • Residential Complexes

We do

  • Skid mounted packaged plants

  • Custom Designed Plants

  • Turnkey Projects, Etc.

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