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The garbage that is being disposed in our gated communities and apartments are always in huge amount, since the number of houses is more. Any of you readers who reside in these can relate to what I’m trying to convey. In most of the cities, we see garbage collectors taking up the waste for dump and recycling once a week.

But in recent times, many households have come up to source the compost from large disposals instead of leaving them stagnant for collecting once a week. So let us see how the common composters work.

Composting on a large scale

In apartments like these, separate-coloured bins are given to segregate organic, recyclable, and toxic rejects. While the recyclable ones are either taken for crap store or to recycling industries, the organic wastes are composed on the premises.

For individual houses in the apartment that have their own garden porch or the balcony gardens, rapid high-quality composters like VNS Enviro' Elegant is an efficient choice! It is a great option for in-source or home composting. In Elegant, along  with the wastes, coco peat and microbial sources are added to make the high-quality manure..

To manage the wastes collectively in your apartment, you can opt for VNS Enviro” “Bio chest”, that can take from 25kgs to 2000 kgs/day of organic waste materials.

When kitchen waste composting machines or garden composters are brought into action, they can take upto tons of organic domestic wastes. In this way, they function very efficiently in producing high quality humus or manure. Also, you can use up the liquid slurry remains from the composters for the gardening purposes.

When you segregate the wastes and put the recyclable ones at the crap store, you can use the return money for your flat maintenance and development purposes. Every gated community that follows this method can not only showcase the sustainability in waste management system, but also dump and collect productive incentives in return.

Thus, installing waste composting machines is a highly recommended step.

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