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Let us take a leap to take a look into various other benefits from biogas generation.

An upliftment in the economy

Most of the vehicles in our homes run on crude oil like petrol. When we look into the kitchen in our home and observe, LPG cylinders hold the baton to ignite the flame. With the depletion of these oil resources on an international scale and an increase in its demand, should we not be prepped for an alternative source? What if the source is from our own houses? Sounds great, right?!

Our nation’s primary source of economy and employment is agriculture sector. Not only it confines crop harvesting but includes all the factors that forms the agriculture network. Thus, instead of picking the farm waste and dumping them useless, we can generate bio gas from the bulk. This will be a gateway to the following point. It saves your wallet from pouring money in LPG. Also, just by using the domestic waste, generation of biogas is a zero-cost investment for our homes.

To sum up, processing the biogas in our own homes will make us independent of LPG and other petroleum products. Here is another brownie point for you! maintaining our own biogas plants will sustain the savings in each house. Especially in a country like India where agriculture is the primary sector of economy, processing biogas will make us independent of crude oil for cooking and heating purposes, and uplift our economy on an international scale.

The role of biogas plants in producing the green gas

Installation of bio gas plants and generating the gas in your homes is made easier with VNS Enviro’s Bio igniter! In a plant like this, one can produce the sustainable biogas in an abundant amount. For instance, if you dump the wastes in the plant, they will provide you with the gas amount that can generate heat and light for at least 2 hours! Also, operating the biogas plants will increase employment opportunity and enhance technical skills for the local population.

With these humongous benefits in our hands, why wait? Let us switch on to this amazing green fuel!


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